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Enzyme nutrition is the art and science of using nutrition to maintain homeostasis and health in the body. It works with the body's innate intelligence to bring the body to optimal health using whole foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, rather than trying to manipulate it by using chemical compounds that produce side effects.

Food enzymes are a natural and important component in our food supply, yet they are systematically removed to extend shelf-life. While shelf-life is necessary in our modern society, enzymes must be replaced, just as vitamins and minerals are. For example, when milk is pasteurized it depletes the vitamin A and D content as well as enzymes. The vitamins are added back in, but the enzymes are not. Enzymes are the construction workers of the body. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals are simply the building materials.

Every body is biochemically unique. Optimal health can only be attained when each person is viewed that way. Individuals cannot and should not be categorized or labeled to fit into a particular pharmaceutical paradigm. What is good for the general public is not necessarily good for the individual. Before recommendations are made for an individual, specific biochemical and mechanical needs must be objectively ascertained and not subjectively surmised.

We use proven and time-honored standards to nutritionally support the body. We recognize that the best sources of nutrients are not concentrated chemical compounds but whole foods with contents that act synergistically when properly digested and assimilated.

Enzymes are very large complex molecules. Enzymes run every biochemical reaction in our body.  This means that enzymes do the work in the body.  They are the workers or builders of a house.  Whereas vitamins and minerals, also known as coenzymes are only building materials.

The enzymes put all of the materials together to build the house (body).  If there are no enzymes present, the house cannot be built.  If there are very few enzymes present, it will take longer to build the house (body) or the house (body) may not be built properly.  This would cause the body to break down and become sick.

Enzymes also nourish the immune system . The immune system is responsible for keeping us from getting sick by destroying bad bacteria and viruses.

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