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VibraWave Therapeutic Exercise

The Revolutionary Low - Impact Exercise

Whole Body vibration exercise equipment was originally developed for astronauts.  Within the zero gravity environments there was no resistance to work their muscles, and prolonged space travel led to muscle deterioration and even loss in bone density.  To counteract this astronauts came up with vibration exercise.

The mechanism is simple:  you merely stand, sit or even focus specific body parts on the platform and the vibrations are then transferred through the body.  In reflex the muscles contract, causing tendons to stretch, increasing in blood flow and improving blood oxygenation.  This strengthens and tones the body with significantly less effort than traditional exercises.

Degenerative disease conditions, accelerated aging and other diminished capacities can ultimately be attributed to insufficient cellular stimulation.  As the living cell struggles with poor nutrition, low oxygen levels, environmental toxins and stagnation of lymphatic fluids, disease conditions develop which accelerate aging and shorten life span.


What is Whole Body vibration (WBV)?

Whole Body Vibration is a type of exercise using a vibrating base, which delivers a mechanical stimulus characterized by oscillatory motion at approximately 1 to 15 mm rise creating 5 to 50hz or contractions per second throughout the body.  WBV exposes the entire body to vibration, as opposed to localized vibration (Biomechanical Stimulation), where an isolated muscle or muscle group is stimulated.  WBV enables the user to recruit many more muscles than traditional exercise and trigger other whole-body reactions.  Biomechanical parameters include amplitude, frequency, and duration.

How does whole body vibration work?

Vibration training stimulates muscles throughout the entire body much more effectively than traditional exercise and activity.  WBV causes involuntary muscle contractions at 1 to 50 times per second compared to once or twice per second through traditional exercise, thereby recruiting both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers during a vibration session.  This stimulation creates significantly increased blood-flow with an improvement of transport for oxygen, carbon dioxide, vitality components (micro-nutrients), energy components (macro-nutrients), toxins and waste (i.e. lactic acid) all the way down to the cellular level.

The VibraWav Advantage

Vibration is a quicker, safer and more effective method of putting the human body in an ideal health state where it recovers and heals much quicker than other methods used by traditional health and wellness providers.  Vibra-Wav provides better results in just 10 minutes than you receive from 60 minutes of traditional exercise.  Through vibration 100% of the muscle fiber is being stimulated versus approximately 40% in the same non-vibration exercise.  It takes 8 - 10 months of traditional exercise to accomplish the same results that take only 1 month with vibration.  Vibration does almost all the work for you.  

The VibraWav Benefits

Weight Management: Effective method of burning calories and toning

- Accelerates fat loss

- Reduces cellulite

- Increases blood flow oxygenation
- Enhances body metabolism

- Increases core conditioning

- Decreases toxins

 Beauty & Well-Being: Aids your total beauty and well-being management

- Visible firmness and smoother skin due to

- increased collagen production

- Reduces muscle tension 
- Reduces the stress hormone - cortisol

- Improves lymphatic drainage

- Balance of body and mind

Everyday Fitness: Provides active people with a fast and effective workout 

- Increases muscle strength

- Improves overall body tone

- Increases core conditioning  
- Release of natural 'feel good' hormones

- Improves balance and flexibility

- Better range of motion

Injury Recovery: Assists in injury prevention and muscle recovery treatment

- Allows people with personal physical limitations a way to exercise

- Low-impact vibration training strengthens muscles with minimal joint and ligament strain
- Promotes healing by Increasing blood circulation and helping to bring oxygen to inflamed areas

Active Aging: Enhancing wellness and the overall quality of life

- Provides a low-impact way to exercise

- Increases circulation

- Improves balance & stability

- Improves muscle tone & strength
- Increases energy levels

- Aids bone mineral density which helps fight the effects of osteoporosis

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